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Observation Keeps Life Interesting

on April 23, 2013

I often have long drives to and from doctor’s appointments each week.  These drives can take 3 hours a day, so I tend to pass quite a bit of scenery along the way.  For example, just last week while driving I saw a wild turkey crossing the road (I wanted it for dinner – that was one HUMONGO bird!).  I also timed the flight of a sparrow by matching its speed with my car and reading the speedometer – 35 mph!  I had already clocked a buzzard months ago at 45-48 mph.  I also saw a poop truck, oh excuse me, I meant “Sanitation Truck” with this sign:

This Truck May Be Transporting Political Promises

This Truck May Be Transporting Political Promises

I don’t really care what your party affiliation is – this applies to all political parties IMO.

Gratefully, what I have NOT yet seen is this truck:

We haul milk on weekends.

We haul milk on the weekends.

In any case, there’s usually something that makes me smile or laugh or think about something other than my problems as I drive back and forth.  I’ve seen a family of peacocks – real peacocks! like the ones in the zoo that chased my (screaming) mother because she was wearing a big blue and purple broom skirt – who normally hang out at one particular intersection from 7:45-8:10am in the summer.

I enjoy crossing the lake on the bridge and looking at the water and the boats.  During the fall, when the leaves hit their colorful peak, my mouth is hung open for most of the way there and back; the colors are amazingly beautiful.

There’s an old man who lives in an old house next to a BP gas station.  A friend of mine knows him.  The man doesn’t work at the BP, he doesn’t have a car.  I don’t know what he does all day, but 3 out of 4 times I find this old man sitting on the front porch of his rickety house in one of the 3 recliner chairs that persistently rest in the rain and elements.  Heat and cold seem to leave him unaffected.  I wonder what he does all day at home and if he’s just bored.  I wave when I see him.

There are several farms I pass along the way, and being a horse lover, I’ve actually learned some of the horses’ personalities.  My favorite horse is hilarious!  He’s gray and white and he loves to roll on his back.  When he eats grass, he sort of nuzzles it before he pulls it.  He gets picked on by the full-brown horse but somehow prevails.  One of the more aggressive brown horses eventually had a blinder put on his head; it wrapped around his face to cover both his eyes.  This functionally blind horse still found that food bucket, though!  Guess my happy gray and white horse won after all!

There’s a cute little shack along the way decked out in coke signs with an antique gas pump and so forth.  I have no idea if it’s a store or just someone’s little shed.  It is cute though, and when I see it I know I’m not too far from the hospital.  It seems like the owner of the shack keeps adding new road signs every few months; it wasn’t as cluttered when I first began driving to and from the hospital in 2011, but I still enjoy it’s antique and friendly touch.

When I leave the hospital to go home, I have to pay my ticket at the teller windows while exiting the parking deck.  Guess I’m a regular, cause almost all of the tellers know my name and face.  They greet me and I ask them how they’re doing and I always request a receipt.  Though now they usually print my receipt before I even ask, like a greasy-spoon waitress who knows her regular’s order by heart.  “Haven’t seen you for a while,” the Asian woman told me last week as she slid my ticket into her computer slot.  “That’s a good thing I think!” I said with a chuckle.  I told her I’d be coming more often for a few months, so not to worry.  :)  It surprises me that for as many people and tickets as they process each day – surely hundreds if not more than 1,000 – they still all know me.  I’ve noticed for some reason I’m hard to forget (which means I can’t get away with ANYTHING naughty!).  :/

All these things make the drive to and from more interesting.  I often listen to the radio in my car if I’m in the mood.  Usually a Christian AM station with Bible teaching.  Occasionally I’ll surf the waves for something interesting and new, some new style of music or whatnot.

I take the back roads because they’re often shorter (unless I get stuck behind a bunch of “political promises” and red tape…or old people in OLDsmobiles who’ve forgotten the “MOBILE” part of the equation…) and I just enjoy the scenery on these roads more than the view of the lovely highway blacktop and other annoying drivers.

Happy observing.  :)

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