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Olive Oil – EVOO – a healthy fat with benefits

on January 5, 2012

Olive oil; that green tinted super slippery (especially if you get it on the kitchen floor!) light olive-smelling oil that has a billion and one uses…is like liquid gold to me.  I’ve been using it to cook and pan fry, but I’m also drinking down about 2 Tablespoons per day and looking to potentially add more if this experiment continues to go well.

I am drinking olive oil (Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, to be specific) because my:

*  Bad cholesterol is high
*  Intake of good fats (monounsaturated, polyunsaturated) needs to increase
*  Caloric intake each day needs to increase
*  Control of the constipation could be improved
*  Blood sugar control is still lacking

These are some of the health benefits of drinking olive oil (info provided in part by Mayo Clinic):

Olive oil may…

*  Lower your risk of heart disease by decreasing bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing good cholesterol (HDL)
*  Provide a healthy source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats
*  Provide approximately 120 calories per Tablespoon!  (YAY!!)
*  “Lube The Tube” (i.e. help keep things moving to prevent constipation)
*  Level out blood sugars so that they remain more stable

Given that olive oil doesn’t make me feel ill (like coconut oil does), it looks like olive oil may directly address a number of my health problems.

The oil I choose to put into my “motor” matters.  Choosing an olive oil isn’t too difficult.  The simple critera of choosing good oil are that it should be:

*  “Extra virgin” olive oil, meaning “less tampered with” or “less refined” and has beed pressed to express the oil from the olives
*  Cold pressed so that it retains its nutrient content and the components are not broken up by exposure to heat
*  Unflavored – just olive oil
*  Optionally, it may be organic, but this is not necessary
*  Finally, choose one that you think tastes best to you…each brand, though they may be of the same quality, may have a unique flavor.


If that wasn’t enough to make you want to take a bath in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, here’s another great benenfit to the slippery green stuff: it makes your skin amazingly soft!  I have very – very – very sensitive skin, and in the winter it’s dry as a desert.

I’ve tried so many gluten free lotions on the market that I could own stock by now, but nothing has worked as well as rubbing just a few drops of EVOO into my face at night before bed.  I wake up with super soft skin.  I’ve also used it to heal my cracked heels and soften my feet.  Don’t believe me?  Try it just one night, then come back and leave a comment on your experience.

Olive oil is virtually noncomedogenic (it won’t cause acne or breakouts) and it isn’t irritating to your skin like the chemicals in many cosmetic and lotion products can be.  A little goes a long way!

If I had known that olive oil worked so well, I might have saved a lot of money by using olive oil to moisturize versus gluten free lotions which often caused skin reactions or left me feeling seriously greasy…or just didn’t work.

If you plan to wear makeup, especially powder makeup, you may want to use the olive oil on your face only at night because otherwise your makeup may not adhere well to your face.  (I learned this one the hard way.)  Olive oil can also be used to help remove stubborn eye makeup before bed.

Finally, you can use olive oil for a nice close shave and also as a hot oil treatment for your hair.  If you have a friend who is good at giving massages, olive oil smells and feels great (don’t forget to tip your friend).

In case you’re now intrigued and want to find more ways to save money and make your household olive oil multitask for you, check out these other creative uses for olive oil.

Happy Slipping and Sliding!

Gutsy Girl

2 responses to “Olive Oil – EVOO – a healthy fat with benefits

  1. bfryern1 says:

    I have used olive oil in many of the ways you mention. It absorbs very well into the skin. Thanks for your suggestions. I have also used essential oils to help with “desert dry” winter skin.

    • Sarah Bosse says:

      Yes, it’s worked very well on my desert dry winter skin too. I’ve actually started washing my face with only water and rubbing in a little olive oil each morning and night. This has made dealing with dry skin so much easier and my makeup goes on more evenly too. If I have trouble getting my makeup off, I use a little extra oil to take it off, then sometimes very lightly wash my face with tap water.

      This whole “experiment” has lead me to question our use of soap as a whole. Just google “use no soap” and look at the results! I may someday try the full NO SOAP experiment!

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